~ Practical Training Session for Public and Private Decision-Makers
and Executives in Central and South-Eastern Europe ~
Tulcea, ROMANIA, 28 August – 2 September 2016

The Danube Region Strategy (EUSDR) is generally considered the ideal soft instrument on the way to relaunch the emergent Danube economies and drive the entire region towards prosperity. According to the Ulm Declaration, which was adopted at the CoDCR meeting at the margins of the 4th Annual Forum of the EUSDR (Ulm, October 2015), the Danube Officers can prove to be a useful tool for EUSDR implementation since they:

  • Are committed to the Strategy;
  • Are able to make use of English as working language;
  • Are motivated to bring the Strategy on the ground and to promote it through concrete projects;
  • Make use of electronic communication and media.

In view of enhancing the macro-regional co-operation through cross border and trans-national significant projects, the Consortium – composed from the Professional Training Association for Local Public Administration CINAQ and the Training Department  of CLDR Romania, technically coordinated by EUROLINK-House of Europe Foundation –  launches the DANUBE REGION OFFICERS SUMMER SCHOOL.

The main topics of the Danube Region Officers Summer School are:

  1. The place of the Danube Region in the context of European union architecture – current state, challenges and opportunities for creating a new Danubian identity and socially inclusive and prosperous region.
  2. EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) – a crucial guiding document for integrating the social-economic development, especially of the Lower Danube sub-region, within the macro-regional context.
  3. The specificity of the Project Management in the context of implementing EUSDR process.
  4. Communications, networking and institutional lobby in EUSDR context.

Special Guest Speakers: Senator Octavian MOTOC – European Affairs Committee – Senate of Romania;  Dr. Grigore BABOIANU – Governor of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve; Dr. Zsolt TOROK – Danube Delta – National Institute for Research and Development.
Lecturers: Dr. Gheorgeta GHETE – CINAQ Association; Sever AVRAM – CLDR Romania; Sandu ZAMFIRESCU – EUROLINK-House of Europe.

The DANUBE REGION OFFICERS SUMMER SCHOOL is addressed to local elected representatives, public managers, project coordinators and civil servants in Central and South-Eastern Europe and will be deployed in the Danube Delta – Tulcea, in the period 28 August – 2 September 2016. The participants are requested to have good proficiency in English language.

There are a maximum number of 20 participants to this event and the registration will be conducted on a “First come-first serve” basis. The deadline for submitting the Enrollment Form is the 8th of July 2016. Participants must make their own arrangements for travel and hotel accommodation. The organisers recommend EUROPOLIS Hotel, which has also an ecological tourism complex on the borders of the Casla Lake in the neighborhood of Tulcea Municipality.

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